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We are at Fiji now and Shanties plans to stay there to the end of 2018 season. Next year will still stay on Pacific ocean again.

On January 16 the magnificent fleet participating in the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally have bid farewell to Nelson’s Dockyard Antigua.  High above the iconic cliffs, known as the Pillars of Hercules, a single blast of cannon fire signalled the start of the circumnavigation. The Oyster fleet of 31 yachts, from 12 different countries, will travel over 30,000 miles, visiting spectacular destinations over the next 27 months. Among them Shanties – Oyatre56 with captain Jacek Reschke on board.

With 15 knots of trade winds blowing, and ocean swell, it was a spectacular start to a great adventure. For the first part of the Oyster World Rally, the fleet will be exploring the Caribbean, Dutch Antilles and other amazing destinations. In early March, the 31 strong Oyster fleet, will rendezvous at the Panama Canal to transit into the Pacific Ocean

First cruise in Oyster World Rally begins on February 18  from BVI through San Blas Islands (San Blas views are like on Bora-Bora or better)  to Panama. On this cruise are still available places.

Shanties and Reschke’s  family is named by Oyster World Rally organizers as the Soul of the Seas
Soul of the Seas
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