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Dreams come true


Welcome to our website !

Welcome to our website !

We are at Fiji now and Shanties plans to stay there to the end of 2018 season. Next year will still stay on Pacific ocean again. On January 16 the magnificent fleet participating in the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally have bid farewell to Nelson’s Dockyard Antigua.  High above the iconic cliffs, known as the Pillars […]

Dreams come true!

We’ve just bought the yacht of our dreams! Now it’s time for the dream voyage! In January we are starting to sail around the globe! It’s going to be an amazing journey. We’re going to sail along with other Oyster yachts taking part in the Oyster World Rally 2017-2019. As our honeymoon trip, we sailed around the world for the first time. On our 30th wedding anniversary we want to do it again, this time with our own yacht!

We will be honored to have you on board.

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